World History

World history is such an important part of education and is often so grossly neglected and underappreciated in schools by governments around the world.

In schools across the globe, world history is either combined with their local countries history or is just a basic overview of the world wars, maybe the cold war and then maybe a negligent and actively incorrect syllabus about an enemy country, promoting some propaganda agenda.

World history should teach children about the full world history, of all civilizations and cultures. World history would be the most captivating subject if we could just implement it correctly, and have much better teacher training programs. There would also need to be a general attitude shift because the world history subject might cause controversy in religious communities.

Heres a brilliant video that covers the majority of topics in a very overviewed format of what should be taught here.

World history should start in the first years of school, and it should consist of video calls with classes of kids the same age, and there should be a translator or even if the teachers just send each other messages inside the video app of the google translate of what the students want to ask each other.

It should be weekly. The kids get a new country every week that they learn about the culture and traditions and history and the current culture which is possibly the most important part of this. If the current history is not given exclusive attention then all the child walks away with is a usually grossly outdated mildly stereotyped view, which is not the objective. After the week of learning about the country on Friday, the kids get to ask children their own age from that culture questions about it.

When the kids are in the years leading up to high school the world history should start going more in-depth into the struggles of third world countries and the wars that are ravaging the middle east, how they started, and the terrorist organizations that rose out of those wars and the issues they caused. It should also include how important it is to help the refugees and these should be a big memorable project done on the topic.

It should also be stressed that conflict can be avoided and possibly encourage debate about what could have been done instead of resorting to violence, thus actively making these young minds think about peaceful resolutions, and simultaneously educate them about the world’s history.

High school should be much more in-depth learning about the big wars and what caused them, but also the atrocities that happened on both sides of the borders, and how many freedoms were sacrificed in so many countries in the name of protection that to this day have not been given back.

In America, their right to privacy is invaded on such a large and repulsive scale and the general population seems to not mind. And this is a clear and disgusting use of a huge war to brainwash a population.

But in the later years of high school world history should be more about world future and the best current predictions about where the world is going to be when those students graduate tertiary studies when they are settling down, and when they retire. Obviously, these will be rough predictions and will be more debates then structured and tested theories.

World history shouldn’t be tested on after the lower 3 grades of high school.

Stay observant and watch that video.

What do you think?