Human identity and money

Humans have identities.

If these identities are threatened we can have an existential crisis and fall apart in general. Many things make up our identities, like how we look, our worldviews, our wealth and social status.

The problem with this is that in the forthcoming future, money will either become obsolete, or everyone will be able to afford to live (with UBI and all that).

So an inherent part of our identities, the struggle to survive, something we have had since the beginning of humanity, will suddenly no longer be an obstacle, and we as a species will have to find meaning in life without struggle.

A utopian life (compared with other human eras), where the things you need to survive will either be provided, or you will be able to afford. But humans don’t really do well in an environment where there is no struggle. What will we do? What will fill our day to day lives?

We will have to find something to do, even if it is to start a gladiator-like society where all we do is fight eat and drink because AI does almost everything else for us. Instead of that I personally vote for the future where we explore space and build our identities so that instead of wealth, we judge and classify people by how good they are to others.

In a society with no money or where everyone has money, greed will become significantly less. There will always be those who want more but they can just work harder for more.

Just imagine what we could create if we all decided on making something we can all be proud of. A society where being kind is the new rich, and looking up at the stars is planning instead of dreaming.

Keep hoping. Stay woke.

Photo source (If you want to watch a cool video about scary sh*t in space)

What do you think?