Did evil Morty set up his campaign manager?

Is it possible that Evil Morty knew that his campaign manager would miss the shot, and hired the sketchy Rick to give him the documents, knowing he wouldn’t go public.

It’s a long shot but there is a chance that there is no AEM (Anti Evil Morty) society of Ricks and Mortys. There’s a chance that Evil Morty wiped out all traces of his history behind him, only leaving enough for him to use when he needs it.

Like to further his political campaign by having an attack made of his life.

It seemed genuine, he fired the manager so he took revenge by trying to kill him. He failed to kill Evil Morty, thus being used as a pawn in Evil Morty’s master plan.

We can only guess at Evil Morty’s master plan and hope our assumptions of our Ricks involvement are right.

Nothing is certain and the only facts we have are from the episodes we over analyse in retrospect. So our assumptions and conspiracies may be completely wrong.

What do you think?